Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Resellers

So for a while there have been people selling the Borderlands 2 ULCE pre-orders on ebay. These sellers are people who saw that the ULCE was selling fast, decided to buy a couple extra, to sell at high prices later for a profit. I could rant and rave all about this, but I'll try to keep my opinions out of this, unless anyone really wants to hear them.

So if you are still without a pre-order on the ULCE, then you still have a chance. Just today they have started reselling them on Amazon too. So if you would rather buy one on Amazon instead you can head on over there.

Still no news on if the Fry's pre-orders are legit or not. Mine hasn't been cancelled, so there still could be hope. I will be sure to post if I have any news.


  1. Ah, I "got" mine on ebay. ;o

  2. Damn, I'm not the only one who's late \o/
    I sympathize! Good luck!

  3. Not sure how often you check comments but: Gamestop has the preorder policy of holding preordered copies games for 48 hours after release (unless you call them within that 48hours and tell them to hold it longer.)-- Basically you may be able to scrape one from gamestop 2days after release for retail due to that policy. GL everyone!!