Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ultimative Beutekiste

Checking out foreign retailers seemed like a great idea. Thanks to user "Rokenroleg", they suggested to get the Borderlands 2 Ultimative Beutekiste from the German site  So I went to and loaded it up on Google Chrome, in order to get automatic translation.  I successfully found the Ultimative Beutekiste on the site, but I was worried that I could not use my American Credit card, and that the game was fully in German. So I did an online chat with the US This did not help at all.  They couldn't help me one bit.  But from my previous experiences with Amazon, I've learned to use their email service, and not there online chat.  So I emailed with my queries.  They told me that I could indeed buy the game with my American card.  But they did say that the game would be in German and that all the content it came with would be in German too.  Also I would have to pay extra for shipping and other fees.  So I became a bit hesitant.  I really didn't want to have to buy a German copy, then buy another copy of the game in English, I'm not rolling in the dough.  So I decided to pass on that for now. 

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