Monday, July 23, 2012


I am really hoping that the pre-order I got at Fry's Electronics will go through. It was just a bit odd that they had them up a month after they sold out everywhere else. The pre-order also popped up on their website for pre-orders, but were removed in a couple days. 

I am wondering if there weren't many people buying them in the store, so they still had some left. Maybe they then put it up on their website, and those who were still looking online for a Ultimate Loot Chest Edition snatched them up, therefore them disappearing from the website so fast.

This is just all my hopeful speculation. There is some good news though, a Gearbox Employee is checking the situation with Fry's out! See here. Hopefully this will clear things out, if the Fry's ULCE pre-orders are legit or not. I am really hoping they are. I will post here as soon as there is  more news.

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