Thursday, July 5, 2012


The Borderlands 2 Loot Chest Edition is full of many awesome goodies for any Borderlands fan. It comes with stickers, posters, a cloth map, a bobble head, but most importantly it comes with a big loot chest, modeled after one of the chests in the game.  This loot chest is very cool, as it is something that Borderlands fans know very well from the game in a material state. To have a piece of the game like that is just too cool.

I'm a big Borderlands fan, I have been watching the game ever since its original announcement in GameInformer. I was then very disappointed when I saw the game take a dramatic artistic style change.  But the whole idea of being able to loot millions of guns and have RPG elements in a shooter sounded like the coolest game ever.  So I did get it eventually, and when I did, it did not disappoint one bit.  The art style with its cartoony looks and humor fit perfectly, better than I could of ever imagined. 

Once Borderlands 2 was announced I was extremely excited, and when that first trailer came out, I ended up watching it many times over the next coming days.  When they announced the Limited Editions and I saw that chest, I was instantly sold on it.  Next comes my mistake.

I have seen many limited editions of games in stores well after the game had been released, so to me a "limited edition" of a game is never quite a limited edition.  It just is more of a special edition, that they make a ton of copies of, and they end up sitting in store shelves for a while.  So I felt when pre-orders opened for Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest "Limited Edition" I didn't have to rush to get it, I figured I'd get it sometime before September.  I was on vacation when the pre-order was opened, and I never heard any news of it anywhere, nor was there any announcement saying it would happen on that day.  If I had seen something I probably would of done it out of excitement, but I had figured the pre-orders would open up later sometime like July or August. So I was in no rush.

Of course by the time I notice that the Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest edition was open for pre-order was about June 20th.  Now by that time the pre-orders were sold out just about everywhere. Hearing from others it was sold out 2 days from the time it opened which was something like June 1st. 

So here I was, 20 days after the pre-order opened and I'm without a pre-order.  So I head on over to Amazon to do my pre-order and of course there's none available. So I start Googling around and find that they had sold out very quickly.  I then head to the Gearbox Forums to whats going on.

And this is where my adventure starts. My goal: Get a Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition for PC. My Deadline: September 18th. 


  1. good luck with buying that unless you wanna offer someone else a deal like $250-$400 for it, on the other hand someone like me bought 6, and plan on selling the other 5 on ebay for $400+ goes without saying those will probably buy out almost instantly. at any rate good luck buying the ultimate loot chest I know how I would feel if I didn't get one

    1. To me here in Denmark i cost 500kr,- and thats about 86,97USD. So here its quite cheap ;)

  2. the game store in my town is still selling them the store is called Play n trade it's around 150ive got 2 on preorder

  3. I think you're just someone who feels entitled and demands that you should get one even though you weren't quick enough to pre-order. If you followed the game as closely as you stated before, you would have easily seen the release of the game for pre-orders. Instead you say that you didn't find out until 20 days later!? I didn't get one either, but I'm not going to blog so I can passive aggressively state that I deserve one.
    I'm tired of seeing so many people cry and complain that it's not fair and that they are a "true fan." Please, if you're a real fan you'll settle for the Vault Hunter's Edition and enjoy the real loot which is the game.
    And to the douche bag a$$clown who commented above about buying 6, thank you for being one of the biggest a$$holes I have never met! Once again, another loser who is not a real fan and thinks they're entitled.

  4. Well mate, good luck finding one, they sold out very fast! (I work for a game store and it was literally sold out the day it was announced!) something I will suggest is asking your local game stores about defaulted pre-orders, as we are often allowed to sell them on a first come first served basis to people who ask, so if anyone cancels their pre-order and you have your name down with the store manager you will get a call offering you to buy it if you still want it.

    This is the only way to really get it for a reasonable price, its unlikely but probably your best bet! I pre-ordered mine the first day it was announced and even then only just scraped in by the deadline! and I definitely agree that these editions should go to true fans of the game when they are so limited! so much so that I ended up giving one of my friends the pre-order as he LOVES the game and never got the chance to pre-order it himself!

  5. I feel it was unfair that they sold so quickly... I knew the second that they were announced, that they were going to be something special and therefore a lot of money sucking eBay trolls were going to be buying them in droves. For that reason alone, I bought mine on the first day and as early as possible. I wasn't sure, but I knew they would sell like crazy and so I made sure my best bud got one too. I didn't want to hear him bitch about having tomsettle for the Vault Hunter's Edition. If you ask me though, the Vault Hunter's Edition is a damn good runner up. I think they should have made a bigger announcement for the fans who don't have time to troll the internet gaming sites for info, especially during the summer when most people spend as much time outside as possible when they're not working at their full-time jobs. I wish you luck and the only advice I would give you is either Amazon or eBay right now (ASAP) or wait until the buzz has settled after the release date launch of the game. You need to find a reasonable price that's around the amount you're willing to spend. If you must have it (and it is a bit late in the game) , you're going to have to bite the bullet & spend quite a lot more for it than those of us who were able to pre-order it... Also, make sure you buy it from someone who bought it from Gamestop, so you get the only pre-order bonus available from a retailer... You get the creature Slaugter Dome and a special rocket launcher. Good luck and don't let the badass psychos own yer ass. Cheers

  6. Just thought I'd give you a heads up, I was in the same boat, by the time I decided to get the loot chest, it was too late to pre-order. I purchased the game and began playing. 2 days after the game was released, I went on a quest...calling every Gamestop around me to see if anyone didn't pick up their pre-order Ultimate Loot Chest. 4 days later, I found one. Hubs went there every day when they opened to inquire about the chest. The manager of the store wanted to give the person every opportunity to come get it. She emailed, called and called and called. Always getting the voicemail, never the person. FINALLY, after a week, we were able to pick it up...this morning we have our Ultimate Loot chest! YAY! Come see it here: