Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So it looks that play-asia has some pre-orders for the Borderlands ULCE still. If you have yet to get a pre-order here is possibly one of the remaining chances to do so here.

I am going to pre-order from play-asia too, just in case the Fry's pre-order falls through. I have yet to hear from 2K yet, hopefully they will be able to explain if Fry's could be selling it or not. If the Fry's one sounds like it will go through, then I will just cancel the play-asia one. Good luck to anyone else trying to get one! Also this version is PS3.

Thanks to user Xboxygenic Oxymoron from the Gearbox Borderlands 2 forums for the link.


  1. There are no one left for Pc :(

  2. Play-Asia doesnt seem to be in the official list of retailers from Gearbox... have you received confirmation from Play-Asia or Take2?