Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frys Frys Frys

So about a month ago I was able to contact Fry's directly via email, and I queried them, told them my story, and asked if it was too good to be true.  They responded that it was completely true, that they did have the ULCE's and that they would have their Head Software Representative call me, to clear out some details.

So I got a call a couple days later, and the rep had bad news for me.  They had contacted all their superiors and everything, and they found no actual allocations for the ULCEs.  So I was then out of my pre-order.

So, I lost the remaining hope I had left on getting a ULCE (without paying a ridiculous price, see the last post).  So that is why I am a bit late posting the news on my blog.

Even though this has happened, I have lost no respect for Fry's Electronics. I still think it is a really great store to go to, to browse their large selection of video games, movies, music, computer parts and the rest of the electronic goodies.

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