Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mission Success!

Success! Good news everyone! I have successfully gotten my Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition! I picked it up and Fry's and everything ended up working out.

I hope that many of you have successfully picked up copies of the ULCE at Fry's.  I have heard of many on the Borderlands 2 Gearbox forums that had gotten one from Fry's, and I am happy to have helped out.

If you are still looking for a loot chest edition, check out Amazon. I just got an alert that they are in stock, and that they are.  For all consoles they have ULCE all priced normally at $150. And they are being sold by Amazon. I'm not sure if these are the copies that people returned or cancelled, but whatever the case, there are still some amount left!

So act fast, as there is no telling how fast they will be gone (again).

I have been able to play Borderlands 2 for just 3 hours, but so far it is beyond my comprehension of awesomeness. They made the next best things to Borderlands 1, and that is a sequel that goes above and beyond. From new enemies to old enemies that have been enhanced and varied, to all the new procedural grenades, heads and skins and the GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS. So many new types of guns, all sorts of craziness.

I was also worried I would not be able to play with PhysX. I had seen the videos of it, and ever since I have been praying I would be able to run it. It seems that I was worried for nothing, as it runs fine with the graphics up all the way and PhysX on High.

I really really really enjoy watching the PhysX physics. It is absolutely incredible. The videos they made demonstrating the physics does not do it justice at all. It is when you are in an intense firefight, and there is sparks, corrosion goo, debris, smoke and such flying around everywhere, it is incredible.  Oh and the blood. It is great to see the blood spurt out of an enemy, then pool up next to their body. Every once and a while I have to stop, and shoot a dead body for a while, just to watch the blood pool up. The PhysX physics really enhances the game a lot, and is something really incredible.

So yes, Borderlands 2 is as amazing and more amazing than I could have ever expected.  So everyone enjoy Borderlands 2! And your lootchest! If you don't have one, rush on over to Amazon!

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  1. Congrats! I also was able to get my copy of the ULCE (So happy and relieved that they came!) from Fry's. I thank you very much for putting up this blog. I do have one question though. Did you receive any code for the pre-order Premier Club? Or did Fry's not get that promotion? I ask because I didn't get a code and nothing has shown up in my Steam account (got it for PC). Thanks for any help you can give and thanks again for posting the blog!